The Concert

Thirty years ago Bolshoi Orchestra conductor Andreï Filipov was fired for hiring Jewish musicians. Now a lowly janitor, an opportunity arises to gather his old musicians to go and pose as the official Buolshoi orchestra in Paris.

Director : Radu Mihaileanu

Cast : Aleksei Guskov, Mélanie Laurent, Dimitry Nazarov

Coproducer : EuropaCorp

French distributor : EuropaCorp Distribution

Award(s) :

Golden Globes:

Best foreign film

Festival International du Film d’Aubagne:

Nominations: Feature films – Out of competition

Festival Chrétien du Cinéma:

Nominations: Feature films

European Film Awards – Prix du cinéma européen:

Nominations: European Film Award for Best screenplay


Prix: Best original score, Best sound

Nominations: Best film, Best director, Best original screenplay

Les Globes:

Nominations: Best film

Lumières de la presse étrangère:

Nominations: Best screenplay

Festival International du Film de Rome – Festa Internazionale di Roma:

Nominations: Out of competition

Festival International du Film de Beauvais:

Nominations: Premieres

Festival International du Film de Dieppe:

Nominations: Official selection

Release date : 04/11/2009

Cinema admissions : 1 886 882