Wicked weekend

Your best friend doesn't want to go back to prison, you send him over anyway? It is in the face of this dilemma that seven childhood friends will reunited, while they had no idea that their pleasant annual hike to the summit of Iseran was going to turn, this time, into an improbable getaway, with the whole French police on their heels. Just to check if, over time, friendship can resist the temptation of "every man for himself"...

Director : Olivier Doran

Cast : Kad Merad, Bruno Solo, Valérie Benguigui

French distributor : Wild Bunch Distribution

Award(s) :

Raimu de la Comédie:

Nominations: RAIMU Prize for best actress in a supporting role

Festival International du Film de Comédie de l’Alpe d’Huez:

Prize: Youth jury prize

Nominations: Etoile du Rire – TPS Star Grand Prize, Europe 1 Public’s prize, Special mention

Release date : 01/05/2007

Cinema admissions : 340 825