LT-21 is the name of a virus that strikes France and spreads internationally. It doesn’t cause death, but the infected patients develop a severe retrograde amnesia - no more personal memories. Asia and Gabriel, a couple of doctors, do everything they can to stop the epidemic and protect the infected patients held in the hospital, guarded by the army. But Gabriel gets infected and falls into a coma ; he will soon have forgotten his own identity and his love story with Asia. And when Asia is exfiltrated against her will to a mysterious island guarded by soldiers, she thinks she’ll never see him again. On this island, secret base of the Hérédis operation, select intellectuals have been sheltered from the virus. The purpose : preserve their memory to prepare for the post-pandemic world…

Director : Mélisa Godet

Cast : Arnaud Valois, Léonie Simaga, Aurélia Petit, Patrick Bouchitey, Iliana Belkhadra, Léo Angel, Gaspard Meier, Olivier Rosemberg

Coproducer : Une Fille Productions et Trésor Prod

Broadcaster(s) : OCS

Release date : 05/10/2023

Writer(s) : Mélisa Godet

International sales : Have A Good One (HAGO)

Press Officer : OCS - Isabelle Di Costanzo, Ludovic Gottigny, Baptiste Arvet-Thouvet

Financial partner : OCS - Orange Studio - HAGO - Cinéaxe 4 - Région Bretagne